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Скачать Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration бесплатно

Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration (Networking Technology) by Dave Hucaby, Stephen McQuerry
Publisher: Cisco Press | Number Of Pages: 688 | Publication Date: 2001-12-24 | ISBN-10: 1587050242 | CHM | 1 Mb

Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration is the ultimate command reference that shows readers how to configure routers and switches with Cisco IOS software. Complete with shaded tab sections for different IOS software feature families for easy reference. Each section provides a succinct background of the group, configuration information and example components. With information on the most recent IOS releases as well as on previous releases in simple to read tables, Cisco Field Manual: Router Configuration is designed to be an invaluable workplace tool.

* Presents the common elements of complex configurations for Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls in an intuitive, easy-to-reference format.
* Each feature includes concise background information, configuration notes, port numbers, and examples.
* Describes actual configuration commands and options in the order they should be used.
* Saves time spent searching for pertinent information in the Cisco IOS documentation.
* Useful as a hands-on command reference in the field or as a part of any candidates Cisco Career Certifications preparation.

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