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Скачать Janet Valade, “Spring Into Linux(R)” бесплатно

Janet Valade, “Spring Into Linux(R)”
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2005-05-05 | ISBN: 0131853546 | 360 pages | CHM | 18 MB

You know your way around Windows (or maybe a Mac, or even UNIX). Now, you're ready for Linux.
And you don't have a minute to waste.
Welcome. This book's for you.
Janet Valade has spent thirteen years helping new users master Linux and related technologies. She knows the "magic words" that'll help you get the job done, fast. (And she knows exactly how to keep you out of trouble, too!)

You'll learn Linux through dozens of focused, bite-size examples, each one carefully designed to build on what you've learned before.

Need specific solutions? This book's carefully crafted, high-efficiency format delivers them... instantly. Working on Fedora? Mandrake? SuSE? No matter. This book is for you.

No other introduction to Linux covers this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results!
* All you need to succeed with Linux—without the hassles!
* Choose the best Linux distribution for your personal or business needs
* Get Linux installed quickly and running reliably
* Handle your day-to-day tasks and efficiently manage your files
* Master KDE, GNOME, and the Linux command line
* Write documents and build spreadsheets with OpenOffice.org
* Set up Web access, email, and instant messaging
* Work with powerful Linux multimedia and graphics software
* Find, install, and run new Linux software
* Set up your printer to work with Linux
* Supercharge Linux with shell scripts and customized configuration files

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