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Скачать Susan Matteson, «Linux Desktop Garage» бесплатно

Susan Matteson, «Linux Desktop Garage»
Prentice Hall PTR | ISBN 0131494198 | 2005 Year | CHM | 20 Mb | 384 Pages

Most Linux books are about running servers, writing bash scripts, or managing networks. You might have these lofty Linux goals in mind, but no matter who you are, you probably want to do things like visit Web sites, check your e-mail, or chat online. There are command-line programs to do those things, but why be so limited? Whether you are a new Linux user or an experienced user who wants to learn more, we are all users who spend time on the desktop.

Not long ago, to have Linux as your desktop operating system meant looking at clunky windows and jagged fonts. You stared at long menus not knowing what most of the choices meant. You had to search and search to find out how to do the simplest activity. In the past few years Linux has changed. Linux has programs, utilities, and fun extras that are well designed and easy to use. Some programs in Linux today are better looking and easier to use than many of those found in Windows. Linux is no longer an inconvenience. The Linux desktop today lets you get your everyday tasks done while having fun with your computer.

All of this fun still needs a little figuring out from time to time. In this book, we will figure it all out. We go through all the fun things we can do in Linux and learn how to get a little work done, too.

This book is full of self-help tips that will regrow your thinning hair, help you lose weight, make you money on the real-estate market, cook you a turkey on a rotisserie, and sell you a new set of knives. Why, this book is one great big late night TV infomercial. I'm lying. I do that. You'll learn.

This book is actually full of Linux. I love Linux. I love exploring Linux, and I bet you will, too. When I turn on my computer, I have things to do. I bet you do, too. All the chapters and sections in this book are arranged by the tasks that you need to do: from installing Linux, to setting up your preferences, to browsing online, to e-mail, to office productivity, to all the fun things we do with our computers when we're supposed to be working. Rather than telling you which programs you should use for different tasks, you will find reviews, how-tos, and detailed descriptions of the most popular programs in each category. Linux is about choice, so I want to give you all the information and tools you need to make your choices.

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