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Скачать Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook бесплатно

Michele M. Burlew, "Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook"
SAS Publishing | 2002-10-21 | ISBN: 1590471156 | 296 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

At your fingertips--valuable examples that will reduce your programming time! Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook is packed with examples that illustrate the many common issues you face when reading external data files. Whether you need to handle a variety of input styles (list, column, formatted, and named), accommodate external file features, or use different methods for reading the data, you're sure to find examples in this book that address your coding requirements. The examples illustrate techniques that range from simple to complex, and you can easily copy, modify, and reuse them. Topics include understanding the different styles of SAS input, reading external files of different structures, reading nonstandard external files, using operating system-specific features to read external files, importing external files with the Import Wizard and external file interface, and using access methods to read data. Let these examples save you time when reading external data files into SAS!

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