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Скачать Regression Using JMP бесплатно

Rudolf J. Freund; Ramon C. Littell; Lee Creighton, "Regression Using JMP"
SAS Publishing | 2003-06-11 | ISBN: 1590471601 | 288 pages | PDF | 2,8 MB

Filled with examples, Regression Using JMP introduces you to the basics of regression analysis using JMP software. You will learn how to perform regression analyses using a wide variety of models including linear and nonlinear models. Taking a tutorial approach, the authors cover the customary Fit Y by X and Fit Model platforms, as well as the new features and capabilities of JMP Version 5. Output is covered in helpful detail. Thorough discussion of the following is also presented: confidence limits, examples using JMP scripting language, polynomial and smoothing models, regression in the context of linear model methodology, diagnosis of and remedies for data problems including outliers and collinearity.

Statistical consultants familiar with regression analysis and with basic JMP concepts will appreciate the conversational, "what to look for" and "what if" scenarios presented. Non-statisticians with a working knowledge of statistical concepts will learn how to use JMP successfully for data analysis.

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