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Скачать Introduction To Matlab 7 For Engineers бесплатно

William J. Palm, "Introduction To Matlab 7 For Engineers"
Mcgraw-Hill College | 2003 | ISBN: 0072548185 | 696 pages | PDF | 40,9 MB

Palm is a stand-alone introduction to MATLAB, distinguished by the realistic application of MATLAB to engineering problems. It features a large number and variety of worked examples and problems, and its applications draw on all areas of engineering. It is designed to be used in an introductory course, as a self-study text, or as a supplementary text. In addition it can serve as a reference for later use. Its many tables and its referencing systems in an appendix and at the end of each chapter have been designed with this purpose in mind. It also introduces and reinforces the use of problem-solving methodology as practiced by the engineering profession in general and as applied to the use of computers to solve problems in particular.

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