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Скачать Math into LATEX: An Introduction to LATEX and AMS-LATEX бесплатно

George Grtzer, "Math into LATEX: An Introduction to LATEX and AMS-LATEX"
Birkhuser Boston | 1995 | ISBN: 0817638059 | 451 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

"Math into LaTeX" is for the mathematician, physicist, engineer, scientist, or technical typist who needs to quickly learn how to write and typeset articles and books containing mathematical formulas, and requires a thorough reference book on all aspects of LaTeX and the AMS packages, the enhancements to LaTeX by the American Mathematical Society.

Features a section devoted to book publishing and typesetting as well as an introduction to web development from LaTeX. Presents a detailed discussion of all aspects of LaTeX and the AMS packages and includes a formula gallery, sample files, and templates, as well as useful appendices containing symbol tables and covering special topics, such as the use of PostScript fonts and where to find TeXware.

Key features of Math into LaTeX: * A simple, example-based, visual approach * A quick introduction (Part I) allowing readers to type their first articles in only a few hours * Sample articles to demonstrate the basic structure of LaTeX and AMS articles Useful appendices containing mathematical and text symbol tables and information on how to convert to standard LaTeX from older versions of LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX

New features of the Third Edition include: * Coverage of AMS packages, version 2.0 * A new chapter on writing books in LaTeX * A new part, Math and the Web, covers where to find useful LaTeX-related information on the Internet and how to publish LaTeX documents on the Web

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