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Скачать ASP.NET MVC in Action бесплатно

Jeffrey Palermo,Ben Scheirman,Jimmy Bogard "ASP.NET MVC in Action"
Manning Publications | 2009 | ISBN: 1933988622 | 275 pages | PDF | 12,9 MB

The Model-View-Controller pattern is widely accepted as a best practice for UI development. With Microsoft’s first release of an MVC framework for ASP.NET development, web development on the .NET framework is both simplified and more flexible. ASP.NET MVC in Action is an advanced guide to developing long-lived applications with the ASP.NET MVC framework. It moves past simple introductions and dives deep into architectural techniques that lead to maintainable web applications with the MVC pattern.

ASP.NET MVC in Action lays a flexible foundation based on Domain-driven design, the S.O.L.I.D. principles, TDD, and interface-based development. With best-practices woven into every chapter, the authors present the new ASP.NET MVC framework in a manner that leads to more maintainable .NET web applications.

This book assumes that readers are already experienced with ASP.NET development and C#. Numerous popular open-source libraries, such as MvcContrib, are referenced throughout, and the book comes with the full source to CodeCampServer, a user group conference organizing application.

About the Author
All three authors are popular bloggers and Alt.Net developers. From Houston and Austin, TX, Jeffrey, Ben, and Jimmy are frequent user group and conference speakers. They are also committers to the open-source projects MvcContrib and CodeCampServer.

Jeffrey Palermo is the CTO of Headspring Systems in Austin, Texas. Jeffrey is an MCSD.NET, Microsoft Solutions Architect MVP, Agile Coach, Austin .Net User Group leader, and an INETA speaker. He is an ASP.NET expert and a co-founder of the MvcContrib project. His website, PartyWithPalermo.com was the first ASP.NET MVC application in production.

Ben Scheirman is a Principal Consultant with Sogeti in Houston, Texas. He studied computer science at the University of Houston and is a Certified ScrumMaster and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. He enjoys speaking and blogging about Agile development topics in .NET.

Jimmy Bogard is a senior consultant with Headspring Systems in Austin, Texas. His focus is using .NET technologies together with Agile methodologies.

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