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Скачать IBM Cognos 8 Planning бесплатно

Jason Edwards,Rich Babaran, Ned Riaz"IBM Cognos 8 Planning"
Packt (8-2009) | PDF | 300 pages | ISBN:1847196845 | 7.33Mb(rar)

Business planning is no longer just about defining goals, identifying critical issues, and then mapping out strategies. In today's dynamic and highly competitive business environment, companies with complex business models want their abstract strategies turned into discrete, executable plans. They want information from the field to reach decision makers in real-time so that they can fine-tune their plans as events unfold. IBM Cognos 8 Planning offers just that.
This book provides you with everything you need to know for building planning models using IBM Cognos 8 Planning. After reading this book, you can begin your journey into model building bringing with you a perspective that comes from three of the most seasoned IBM Cognos Planning consultants in the business.
In this book, you will learn how to build planning models using IBM Cognos Planning's modeling tool, Analyst. We introduce you to key objects in Analyst that let you define, store, and move data. Then we show how you can deploy the model to hundreds or thousands of users using IBM Cognos Planning's web-based tool, Contributor. We demonstrate some of the things you can do as an administrator and as a user. Finally, we show the automation tools that you can use to maintain and support your models. As we go through this, we will share with you tips and tricks and insights from our experience with real implementations.
Engineer a clear-cut strategy for achieving best-in-class results
* Build and deploy effective planning models using Cognos 8 Planning
* Filled with ideas and techniques for designing planning models
* Ample screenshots and clear explanations to facilitate learning
* Written for first-time developers focusing on what is important to the beginner
* A step-by-step approach that will help you strengthen your understanding of all the major concepts

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