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Скачать Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac OS X бесплатно

Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide) by Maria Langer (Author)
Publisher: Peachpit Press; 1 edition | ISBN: 0321304578 | CHM | 54 Mb | 440 pages

Sure, you were happy when the first Mac OS X-compatible version of Word arrived (after all, it's the one software program you can't live without). But this is the version you've really been waiting for. In contrast to Word for Mac OS X-which gelled nicely with the new OS but didn't offer much compelling additional functionality-Word 2004 offers a slew of usability improvements. To start taking advantage of them immediately, you need this task-based guide from popular Mac teacher Maria Langer! Using simple step-by-step instructions, loads of visual aids, and plenty of well-placed tips, Maria gets you up and running fast on the basics before moving on to cover more advanced techniques (formatting, inserting objects, creating outlines, and more). If you're a veteran user, you can go directly to the new material (for example, learning how to record audio notes and link them to your Word docs). And if you're a beginner, you'll appreciate the thorough coverage of all the most common Word tasks.

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