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Скачать The Essential Guide to Flash CS4 бесплатно

The Essential Guide to Flash CS4
Apress | 09-2009 | ISBN-10: 1430223537 | 8 MB | PDF | Retail | 431 Seiten | english

Note: This book is for intermediate Flash CS4 users as well as the more advanced user who wants to learn about using Flash CS4's awesome new capabilities, such as motion tweening and kinematics poses. Each chapter has a number of exercises that contribute to an overall project. The exercises are fun and compelling and allow you to place your own creative stamp on them, while still following the steps to completion. The final chapter focuses on bringing the exercise output together in an overall campaign consisting of a website featuring advanced flash components and advertising banners. An underlying theme of the book is marketing a website online. It discusses industry standards for banner campaigns (banner weight, fps etc), effective website marketing techniques, and delves into search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

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