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Скачать Take Control of Customizing Leopard бесплатно

Take Control of Customizing Leopard
Publisher: Matt Neuburg | ISBN: NA | edition 2007 | PDF | 138 pages | 12,07 mb

You stayed up late installing it on your Mac; then you fell asleep exhausted. You woke up the next morning excited as a child on Christmas. You rushed to the computer and started it up. You gaped at its new, improved startup speed—even faster than Tiger, and with no “thermometer” dialog! You gasped with amazement at the transparent menu bar! You shivered at the icy look of the shiny, new, reflective Dock! You squealed with delight as you tried the new Search field in Safari! You gawked as you read a TextEdit document directly from the Finder, without opening TextEdit, using Quick Look! You drooled as you played with the Finder’s new Cover Flow view!

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