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Скачать Mac Digital Photography бесплатно

Mac Digital Photography
By Dennis R. Cohan, Erica Sadun, Dennis R. Cohen

Publisher: Sybex | 2003 | 288 Pages | ISBN: 0782142729 | PDF | 11.73 MB

Digital cameras revolutionize how we take pictures and Apple Computers leads the "digital lifestyle" movement with its attractive Macintosh systems and iLife software. Mac Digital Photography is the first complete guide created for the growing numbers of digital photographers who find the Mac irresistible. Covering topics from choosing equipment to effectively composing and lighting photos to image repair to processing and sharing pictures, this unique book shows you how to get quality, impressive results from your digital camera. Authors Dennis R. Cohen and Erica Sadun, prominent in the Mac community, are associated with an impressive list of Mac-related titles and know how to communicate with you, starting with a friendly tone and eye-catching visuals.


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