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Скачать Take Control of Fonts in Leopard бесплатно

Take Control of Fonts in Leopard
Publisher: Sharon Zardetto | ISBN: 1933671262 | edition 2007 | PDF | 205 pages | 11,7 mb

It’s utterly astonishing that the Macintosh, a computer platform whose initial claim to fame was not just its interface but its use of different fonts, celebrated its almost-20th anniversary with an operating system that totally ignored the importance of fonts, pretending the difficulty—or total inability—to install and manage fonts didn’t matter.
As a Mac fanatic from way back (1984, to be precise), I hate to admit that it took Mac OS X years to get its act together concerning fonts,
and that I also totally ignored the issue as long as I could. I know I felt frustrated; I think I also felt insulted.

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