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Скачать How to Do Everything with Google Tools (repost) бесплатно

Donna Baker, "How to Do Everything with Google Tools"
MgH Osborne Media | 2007| ISBN: 0071496262 | 438 pages | PDF | 21,1 MB

Get the most out of Google products and services with help from this easy-to-use guide. How to Do Everything with Google Tools shows you that Google is so much more than a search engine, offering other features such as shopping, mapping, blogging, advertising, and much more. You'll also learn to use the email, communication, document, and spreadsheet tools that make up Google Apps. This book shows you how to maximize the Google tools that can make your work more efficient, your business more profitable, and your online experience more fun.

Shop on Google Product Search and streamline purchasing with Google Checkout
Navigate with Google Maps and Google Earth--or create custom maps
Communicate on Google Groups and with Google Talk
Manage and share photos and other images with Picasa
Promote your business with AdWords
Make money on your site by hosting AdSense ads
Customize your online experience with iGoogle, Google Notebook, Web Accelerator, and Google Desktop
Make Gmail work for you with custom filters and calendars
Use the Google Documents & Spreadsheets program
Design Web sites with Google Page Creator
Create and manage a blog with Google Blogger

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