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Скачать Show Me!: Microsoft Windows XP (2nd Edition) бесплатно

Steve Johnson, Perspection Inc. "Show Me!: Microsoft Windows XP (2nd Edition)"
Que | English | 2004-10-24 | ISBN: 0789733366 | 512 pages | PDF | 12,2 MB

If you're looking for a fast, easy way to learn all about your Windows XP computer, this is it. Show Me Microsoft Windows XP, Second Edition covers all the most important features of Windows XP using clear, step-by-step instructions supported by hundreds of illustrations and screenshots. A troubleshooting guide will also help you solve common problems. You'll even get information on the latest set of Windows XP features, Service Pack 2, including:
• Security Center
• Windows Firewall
• Automatic updates
• Internet Explorer security
• Pop-up blocker in Internet Explorer
• Outlook Express security
• Data execution prevention
With Show Me Microsoft Windows XP, Second Edition, you will spend less time reading and more time doing.

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