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Скачать Blind Men and the Elephant: Demystifying the Global IT Services Industry бесплатно

Blind Men and the Elephant: Demystifying the Global IT Services Industry
336 pages | Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd (September 10, 2007) | 0761936203 | PDF | 2 Mb

In just a few decades since its birth, the global IT industry has grown to a trillion dollars. It continues to transform society and business, as perhaps no other industry has, and yet remains one of the least understood industries in the world. Behind the facade of geekiness and technophobia lies a set of organizations that are routinely given the power to fundamentally reshape many facets of our lives, and in the process create lucrative sources of financial rewards for those investing in it. This book explains what consultants and IT Services firms do. It examines the industry s surprisingly captivating history, and in doing so, explains why the industry does things the way it does and what motivates the different players within it. The book tries to answers basic questions such as: Why is it that those fundamentally affected by the industry have little idea about how this industry has managed to have such a hard-hitting impact globally? How has this industry managed to reach the unique statues it enjoys around the world today, with literally millions from all corners of the world aspiring to enter it? What is it about this industry that has caused it to evolve so differently as compared to other fields? Perhaps most importantly, where could it, and the rest of us, go next? Drawing vivid comparisons from everyday life and other industries, this book makes complex concepts accessible to the general reader, giving them for the first time an in-depth insight into the IT industry, how it works, how it affects all of us, and where it is likely to catapult us in this century. Written in a lucid style by renowned IT professionals, this book is a must read not only for management and engineering students, IT professionals, managers, and technocrats, but also for anyone keen to have the mysteries of the computer age unraveled.



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