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Скачать Microsoft Excel 2002 Formulas (Repost) бесплатно

Microsoft Excel 2002 Formulas
By John Walkenbach

Publisher: Wiley | 2001 | 760 Pages | ISBN: 076454800X | PDF | 9.44 MB

Excel 2002 Formulas Unleash the Power of Excel Formulas Now revised to cover the new features of Excel 2002 and expanded with two all-new chapters on financial formulas, this one-of-a-kind reference delivers all the tips and techniques you need to maximize one of the most powerful spreadsheet tools: formulas. With clear explanations of operators, nesting, and functions plus hundreds of practical, real-world examples, spreadsheet expert John Walkenbach shares proven solutions for typical (and not-so-typical) Excel challenges. From working with dates to performing table lookups to creating array formulas, this in-depth guide will help you supercharge your spreadsheets — and make the most of Excel. Your Road Map to High-Performance Excel Formulas

* Get a concise overview of Excel's many features, including cell formatting, analysis tools, and protection options
* Master basic formula facts — including absolute vs. relative references, operators, error values, naming techniques, and more
* Get practical tips on using Excel's worksheet functions in your formulas
* Find expanded coverage of discounting, depreciation, and other financial formulas
* Perform magic with powerful array formulas
* Use your formulas to enhance charts and pivot tables
* Debug formulas and take advantage of Excel's auditing tools
* Develop custom worksheet functions with VBA




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