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Скачать QuickTime Toolkit Volume Two: Advanced Movie Playback and Media Types бесплатно

QuickTime Toolkit Volume Two: Advanced Movie Playback and Media Types
528 pages | Morgan Kaufmann (July 14, 2004) | 012088402X | PDF | 32 Mb

"Buried inside QuickTime are a host of powerful tools for creating, delivering, and playing digital media. The official QuickTime documentation explains 'what' each API function does. But knowing what each function does isn't enough to allow a developer to take full advantage of QuickTime. QuickTime Toolkit fills in the gap-providing plenty of practical examples of 'how' to use QuickTime to perform all kinds of useful tasks. More importantly, [this book] goes beyond 'how' and into 'why' -providing readers with a deeper understanding of QuickTime and how to benefit from using it in their own products." -Peter Hoddie, cofounder of Kinoma and former QuickTime architect

"Tim Monroe manages to present all components of the occasionally difficult QuickTime framework in a clear-even entertaining-fashion. His numerous examples and sample code snippets are clear and well thought out and are great starting points for new projects. QuickTime Toolkit fills some gaps in Apple's official documentation and is an essential book for anyone preparing to dive into the powerful depths of low-level QuickTime programming." -Jurgen Schaub, founder, BOPJET Media, and QuickTime abuser

"When QuickTime application developers get stuck, one of the first places they look for help is example code from Tim Monroe. Finally, these well-crafted examples and clear descriptions are available in book form-a must-have for anyone writing applications that import, export, display, or interact with QuickTime movies." -Matthew Peterson, University of California, Berkeley; the M.I.N.D. Institute; and author of Interactive QuickTime

"A detailed narrative that covers a substantial amount of what's invovled in QuickTime application programming on both Macintosh and Windows computers." - MacTech



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