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Скачать Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide бесплатно

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide
Publisher: Sams | ISBN: 0789728494 | edition 2003 | CHM | 312 pages | 12,7 mb

Why should new versions of mission-critical technologies mean starting from scratch? If you already know how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2000, leverage those skills to quickly become an expert on Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Delta Guide skips the basics and moves straight to what's new and what's changed. The result? You save time and money while preparing yourself for the next generation of Microsoft's server operating system!
Use Your existing Windows Server skills to master Microsoft's newest operating system!
* Skip the basic concepts and move straight to what's new and changed.
* Focus on learning advanced new technologies, techniques, and concepts.
* Use topic-focused chapters to quickly upgrade the skills you use the most.
* Access bonus online material covering core concepts you might have missed in the prior version.
* Learn about changes to Active Directory replication, architecture, and maintenance.
* See important security changes that can affect server upgrades.

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