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Скачать Macs on the Go (Repost) бесплатно

Macs on the Go
Publisher: Peachpit Press | ISBN: 0321247485 | edition 2006 | CHM | 240 pages | 22,5 mb

Now that you have a Mac laptop, you have everything you need to be a Road Warrior—a mobile computing expert. Grab your Mac laptop and let John and Robin show you how to realize the full potential of mobile computing. Be productive, be creative, or just have a lot of fun while you’re on the go! Whether you’re traveling from one room to the other, from home to office, or even to another country, Macs on the Go! shows you how to take advantage of the power of mobility.
You’ll learn how to:
- Modify your Network settings for connectivity.
- Use the Mac’s built-in software to keep in touch.
- Receive and send email from almost anywhere in the world.
- Customize Network settings.
- Use iChat to video conference or audio chat while on the go.
- Keep in touch using .Mac Group pages or iWeb for blogs, photo pages, and movie pages.
- Take advantage of cool .Mac account features.

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