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Скачать Getting StartED with Windows 7 бесплатно

Joseph Moran, Kevin Otnes "Getting StartED with Windows 7"
friends of ED | English | 2009-11-02 | ISBN: 1430225033 | 325 pages | PDF | 23,3 MB

Welcome to the new world of Windows 7. Whether this is your first time with Windows, you're switching from another operating system, or you're upgrading from Windows XP or Vista, you’ll find a wealth of new ideas and innovations in Windows 7. The mission with this release was to make everyday tasks faster and easier, and in Getting StartED with Windows 7 we’ll highlight those features to make your time in Windows more productive and more pleasurable.

Inside, we examine the improved Windows interface, beginning with the new taskbar and Start menu for launching and organizing your applications, and the new ways you can organize and arrange your open application windows to help you work more efficiently. We’ll walk through how best to organize your files and folders, and how to quickly make your way around your computer. We’ll show you how you can set up User Accounts so you can keep your private information secure or restrict what other users can access, and we'll show you how you can change the look and feel of Windows so that each user can have the experience that suits them best.

We’ll look at how you can connect your computer to your home network so you can easily share documents and access printers, and we’ll examine ways you can connect and use other devices, such as music players or cameras. We'll also look at the applications that come with Windows, such as the new Internet Explorer 8 for surfing the Web quickly and securely, and the Windows Live Essentials pack that enables you to send e-mails, chat with friends and family, create documents, organize your photos, edit and share home movies, and much more.
• Introduces and explains all of the new features in Windows 7
• Shows how to get connected and get the most out of the software
• Tells you what to do when things go wrong
What you'll learn
• Navigate and customize the Windows 7 user interface
• Look after your computer and protect against dangerous software
• Control access to Windows, your applications, and the Internet
• Safeguard your personal files
• Connect to a network to share folders and media content
• Understand and fix problems
Who is this book for?
Getting StartED with Windows 7 assumes no previous knowledge of Windows, so is perfect for those using Windows for the first time, or switching from another operating system. It also highlights all of the new features in Windows 7 for those upgrading from previous versions of Windows.

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