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Скачать Creative After Effects 7 бесплатно

Creative After Effects 7

Angie Taylor"Creative After Effects 7"
Focal Press (July 24, 2006) | PDF | 600 pages | English | ISBN: 0240519922 | 96.3Mb(rar)
Creative After Effects 7: Workflow Techniques for Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics /by Angie Taylor(Author).Realize your creative potential with a working knowledge of Adobe After Effects 7. Renowned Artist and designer Angie Taylor demonstrates professional workflows and inspires with practical tutorial lessons that help put the theory (and you!) to work.

You get a comprehensive survey of the new interface and features with illustrated techniques for animation, visual effects and motion graphics. Practice exercises reinforce essential techniques, and book-length projects challenge you with fantastically creative uses of the application.
The companion DVD includes everything you’ll need to complete the tutorials as well as an array of bonus plugins and demo software.
Audience Level: Novice to Intermediate.Angie Taylor is a freelance animator and digital filmmaker. She produces animation, motion graphics and visual effects for production companies and broadcasters including the BBC and Channel 4 television in the UK.An Adobe Certified Expert, and Apple Solutions Expert, she is active on the training circuit; providing corporate training, software demonstrations for Adobe and Apple, and seminars on digital filmmaking and animation processes at key industry events such as NAB and IBC.

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