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Скачать Vegas Pro 8 Editing Workshop бесплатно

Vegas Pro 8 Editing Workshop

Vegas Pro 8 Editing Workshop (DV Expert Series) by Douglas Spotted Eagle
Publisher: Focal Press; Pap/Dvdr edition (March 28, 2008) | ISBN-10: 0240810465 | PDF | 27 Mb | 528 pages

Master Vegas Pro 8 by learning the inside tips and techniques from an award-winning professional.

...a complete handbook for new and advanced user ... Douglas turns complex technology into easy-to-understand concepts with his accessible and graceful writing style" -- Charlie White, executive producer, digitalmedianet.com

One of those famed jewels of knowledge...it should be required reading in any decent DA/DV production class, even if they do not use Vegas! -- Joaquin (Kino) Gil, forum leader, producer and writer, CreativeCow.net & digitalmedia.net

...and exhaustive, richly detailed resource that no Vegas user should be without. Highly recommended!" -- Jeffrey P. Fisher, music/audio/video producer and writer

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