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Скачать Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets бесплатно

Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets

Michael Young, "Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets"
Apress | ISBN 143020995X | April 1, 2008 | 100 Pages | PDF | 8MB

Have a Google Maps mashup that you’d like to expose to millions of users on maps.google.com? New to the mapping craze, but have an idea for a killer map–based application? Want to learn how to create GeoRSS and KML feeds with your geotagged content, exposing your customer to new ways of exploring and navigating your content?

Google Maps Mashups with Google Mapplets:
- Is the first book to cover Google’s new Mapplet technology
- Shows you how to create Google Maps–based applications and publish to maps.google.com
- Provides a single–source resource and practical guide to Mapplets and mashups
- Teaches you how to mash up Mapplets using location–specific data
- Includes examples of real–world applications

Download Links:
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