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Скачать Google Power Tools Bible бесплатно

Google Power Tools Bible

Google Power Tools Bible
613 pages | Publisher: Wiley (March 12, 2007) | ISBN-10: 0470097124 | Format: CHM | 31 Mb

Get the most thorough and comprehensive guide to Google.
Expand your world with the dozens of Google tools, applications, and services you'll find in this comprehensive book. Going well beyond the basics of search, this in-depth resource shows you how to access and apply every one of Google's features -- things like Gmail, Google Maps, and SketchUp -- while also explaining how to program Google, become a Froogle merchant, and much more. With thorough coverage, step-by-step instructions, and hundreds of tips and workarounds, you'll find what you need to succeed with Google.

* Review the basics of keywords, queries, and PageRank technology.
* Delve into search features such as the I'm Feeling Lucky button.
* Find your way with Google Maps and mobile GMaps.
* Check financial news, get quotes, and manage your portfolio.
* Import, view, and fix photos with Picasa.
* Google-ize your computer with Google gadgets and plug-ins.
* Use Google Analytics to evaluate Web site traffic.
* Explore Google's future with a sneak peak at R&D.

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