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Скачать FileMaker Pro 9 Bible бесплатно

Ray Cologon, Dennis R. Cohen, "FileMaker Pro 9 Bible"
Wiley | ISBN-10: 0470177438 | March 14, 2008 | 768 pages | PDF | 11.5MB
FileMaker Pro 9 Bible provides step-by-step procedures for using virtually all FileMaker Pro features and performing all tasks. This best-selling volume has been completely rewritten to focus on FileMaker application development using FileMaker Pro 9, the latest version of FileMaker Pro workgroup database. Applicable to both the Mac and Windows versions of FileMaker Pro, this title shows readers how to create and work with databases and includes detailed ScriptMaker (scripting) explanations for creating customized FileMaker applications.

Other topics covered include calculations and computations; data exchange; creating and using templates; linking databases; using FileMaker in workgroups; Web publishing; plug-ins; and advanced database connectivity.

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