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Скачать Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering бесплатно

Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering
Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition | 0131018159 | 496 pages | April 14, 2003 | CHM | 1 Mb

The practical, example-rich guide to Java technical programming
If you want to use Java todevelop scientific or engineering programs, Technical Java is the Java guide you'vebeen searching for. Using real-life examples, expert scientific programmerGrant Palmer shows how to build powerful, versatile, and flexible software forvirtually any technical application. Whether you're moving from FORTRAN,C, or C ++, or learning Java as your first language, Palmer covers all you needto know
* Java, FORTRAN, C, and C ++, similarities, differences, and migration issues
* Java 1.4 syntax, objects, classes, methods, interfaces, variables, arrays, exceptions, packages, I/O, and more
* Working with java.math and creating your own math functions'including detailed trigonometric and transcendental examples
* Data modeling, in depth: class hierarchies, generic class libraries, least-squares fit, fitting to non-polynomial equations, and more
* Solving differential equations and systems of equations, including Gauss-Jordan and Gaussian elimination, lower-upper decomposition, and matrix inversion
* Solving integral equations with both proper and improper integrals
* Working with Fourier transforms (DFT and FFT)
* Building Web and GUI-based technical applications with Swing/AWT and servlets


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