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Скачать A Programmer's Companion to Algorithm Analysis бесплатно

Ernst L. Leiss, ?«A Programmer's Companion to Algorithm Analysis?»
Chapman & Hall/CRC
ISBN 1584886730
(September 26, 2006)
Format: PDF
2.5 Mb size
255 pages

Focusing on practical issues, A Programmer's Companion to Algorithm Analysis bridges the gap between algorithms and software programs.This book explains the fundamental differences between the
computational model assumed for algorithms and the real architectures in which programs execute. It highlights the pitfalls that can occur when implementing an algorithm as software and offers suggestions to solve these problems. The book also explores the interactions among program, compiler, and run-time support system, contrasting this with the simpler model assumed for algorithms. Intended for software
developers and programmers, it places particular emphasis on the implications of the memory hierarchy on program efficiency.
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