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Скачать Excel Workbook For Dummies бесплатно

Excel Workbook For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) by Greg PhD Harvey
Publisher: For Dummies; (April 24, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0471798452
Format: PDF
8 Mb size
368 pages

Start using Excel spreadsheets, formulas, and charts - practice exercises make it easy
You don't have to be overwhelmed by Excel - this workbook helps you get the hang of the most popular spreadsheet program by doing! From working with pivot tables to adding graphics to building dynamic charts, managing and securing data, performing data analysis, adding hyperlinks, and creating macros, you will do it all with the help of practice files on the CD-ROM.
See how to
??” Set up, format, and edit basic spreadsheets ??” Create a variety of formulas for finance, date and time, math, and more ??” Calculate return on investments or loan amortization ??” Master data analysis with pivot tables ??” Turn spreadsheets into Web pages and master hyperlinks

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