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Скачать Writing Mobile Code: Essential Software Engineering for Building Mobile Applications by Ivo Salmre бесплатно

Writing Mobile Code: Essential Software Engineering for Building Mobile Applications by Ivo Salmre
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (February 1, 2005)
ISBN-10: 0321269314
Format: CHM
9,9 Mb size
792 pages

Mobile computing devices have evolved from fixed-purpose communications tools to compelling and extensible mass-market computing platforms. Now, they stand poised to offer truly ubiquitous and mobile computing ??” and to revolutionize the way people work, communicate, and interact with the world around them.
Writing Mobile Code is the first definitive guide to writing applications for the new generation of mobile devices. In this accessible, hands-on reference, readers will find the principles and methods of great mobile software design and real-world examples to support them. While the many examples use the .NET Compact Framework, C#, and Visual Basic .NET, the design and engineering concepts Salmre discusses apply to all mobile-computing technologies and platforms.
Highlights include
??” Performance considerations, including memory management, multithreading, XML, and graphics
??” Designing the right user interface
??” Establishing appropriate data-access and communications models
??” Strategies for packaging and deploying your mobile application
Whether you are new to designing mobile device software or a seasoned mobile-computing developer, this book will give you a deep understanding of what is unique and interesting about mobile development and how to build successful mobile applications.
In short, Writing Mobile Code is destined to be the seminal guide to this growing field for years to come.

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