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Скачать How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 (And Not Go to бесплатно

How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 (And Not Go to

# Paperback: 320 pages
# Publisher: Collins Living (August 20, 2002)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0060084677
# ISBN-13: 978-0060084677
Size: 12 MB

Right now, you're wondering, "Gee, what kind of information is in this cute yet stylish guide?" Sure, there are a bunch of other books that will take you through the filmmaking process, and if your name is Beaver Cleaver, you might be interested in them.

But you should know that filmmaking is a war, and this book will lead you through it like no other. These pages contain information learned from years spent in the filmmaking trenches.

Anyone with a credit card can rent a camera and buy film stock -- but who can:

* Rent a camera for two weeks and pay for only two days?
* Set the exposure on the camera without a light meter?
* Feed a crew of twenty with yesterday's chicken soup?

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