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Скачать Photoshop for Video, Third Edition бесплатно

Photoshop for Video, Third Edition

Product Details
432 pages
Author: Richard Harrington
Publisher: Focal Press; 3 edition (April 26, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0240809262
49 Mb

Editorial Reviews

"...I literally could not put it down...What distinguishes [Rich Harrington] is his eye for high production value." -- Mike Ashcraft, editor, Musicvideoinsider.com

"...one book every Photoshop user should have in their arsenal." -- Aaron Fisher, Creative Cow

...zero fluff and solid information that every NLE owner should have, and every Photoshop user--period--should have access to. -- Douglas Spotted Eagle, Digitalproduction.com

'Video professionals finally have a Photoshop book to call their own--a wealth of tips and techniques.'--Kevin Connor, Director of Product Management, Adobe Systems Incorporated

'your skillset and workflow WILL BE IMPROVED by this book--for every level of Photoshop user. If you buy only one book to improve your Photoshop-video graphics capabilities, make it this.'--musicvideoinsider.com

'Richard's reputation for expanding even simple subjects in new and creative ways makes this an important book. Highly recommended.'--Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom, creativecow.net

'a brisk read and a good shelf reference. No clutter of information...just what you need to know for video.'--Abba Shapiro, Apple Pro Apps Consultant

'Rich explains in one or two concise paragraphs techniques I've wasted HOURS on in the past perfecting.... [this] is one book every Photoshop user should have in their arsenal.'--Aaron Fisher, creativecow.net

'5 COWS out of 5 because it quickly helps video editors learn how to use Photoshop in their video projects.' --Gary Gowman, creativecow.net

Enjoy, guys!

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Source: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0240809262/richardharrin-20


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