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Скачать DVD Authoring and Production бесплатно

DVD Authoring and Production

Ralph LaBarge, "DVD Authoring and Production"
CMP Books | 2001-08 | ISBN: 1578200822 | 496 pages | PDF | 12.6 MB

DVD Authoring and Production is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to publishing content in the DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, and WebDVD formats. Readers learn everything they need to create, produce, and master DVDs including a firsthand look at professional production techniques employed in the authors StarGaze DVD. Professionals and aspiring DVD artists alike learn the latest tools and techniques as well as how to succeed in the business realm of the DVD world, including optimal methods of marketing, distributing, and selling.
Save time and money with the latest tools and techniques for publishing content in any DVD format. Organize, execute and sell your projects efficiently with a complete understanding of the theory and the practice. Includes a product guide and the author's StarGaze DVD.

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