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Скачать Flash Site Workshop бесплатно

Flash Site Workshop

Flash Site Workshop
Publisher: Sams | Pages: 400 | 2001 | ISBN 0672319993 | PDF | 7 MB

Flash Site Workshop is aimed at designers and developers who want to build a fully functional Web site with dynamic and e-commerce capabilities from pre-fabricated components that can be quickly and easily customized. For this book, the Workshop Team has assembled a vast array of Flash features (more than any one Web site is likely to ever use). In the course of the book, they dissect each feature explaining the components used and showing how to customize it for your specific purpose.

Each chapter will have the same basic structure, beginning with introducing the movie covered in the chapter and how it works, to customizing each component, to reassembling the customized components into a working Flash feature. Additionally, the book will offer suggestions and tips on further customization and list other resources the reader might want to consult.

Flash Site Workshop allows the reader to work either feature-by-feature to assemble a site com

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