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Скачать SEAMLESS TEXTURE 8 - Absolute Metal Surfaces бесплатно

SEAMLESS TEXTURE 8 - Absolute Metal Surfaces
Название: SEAMLESS TEXTURE 8 - Absolute Metal Surfaces
Автор: Marlin Studios
Издательство: Marlin Studios
Формат: JPEG
Размер: 319 MB (в архиве)
Качество: высокое
Серия или Выпуск: SEAMLESS TEXTURE

The Numbers
 341 textures in high-quality JPG format, all seamlessly tileable
 57 color swatch textures from the Periodic Table
 284 matching bump maps (975 total)
 10 clip maps included, with transparency defined
 12 Logical texture categories
 3 sizes per texture: Large (1600x1200), Medium, (66& of Large) and Small (33% of Large)
 3 sizes per bump map: Large , Medium, and Small

 All textures hand created, using high-resolution photos as input
 Created by talented artist/photographer Sebastien Houde
 Thumbnail browser make it easy finding textures, bump maps and photos
 All textures and bumps tested for functionality in graphics programs
 Convenient maximum-quality, 24-bit JPG format for lower file sizes and use on most platforms
 Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images

 General-purpose 2D and 3D computer art and animation
 2D and 3D computer games
 Web content development
 Architectural renderings
 Film industry CGI
 2D Print Media Applications
 Video/TV Productions
 Engineering/product design and visualizations
 Legal animations and renderings

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