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Скачать Google Business Solutions and Tools бесплатно

Google Business Solutions and Tools

Daniel Collins, "Google Business Solutions and Tools: 100 Success Secrets to Reach new customers, Enhance your website and Increase your productivity"
Emereo Pty Ltd | 2008-11-07 | ISBN: 1921573031 | 172 pages | PDF | 1 Mb

Is your business indexed by Google? If not, you hardly exist online. Is your business advertising with Google AdWords? If not, you`re hardly advertising online.
With Google`s share at over 70% of the online advertising market, this book gets you started using Google as a business partner.

Learn how to get your website indexed by Google; optimize your site for Google rankings; make money with AdSense; and utilize cool Google tools, like Maps, Checkout, Analytics, and Google Answers.

In 100 easy to read Answers, Learn how to:
- Promote your business with AdWords, Google Maps business listings and Webmaster Central
- Improve your website with Analytics, Custom Search, AdSense and Checkout
- Get email and other business tools with Google Apps and Enterprise Search Solutions

If you are a Small website-only business, Small storefront business or Medium-to-large business this is book helps you get to grips with using Google products for your business type or business goals.

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