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Скачать Customer-Effective Web Sites бесплатно

Customer-Effective Web Sites

* Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
* Number Of Pages: 274
* Publication Date: 2000-05-17
* Sales Rank: 1607212
* ISBN / ASIN: 0130878278
* EAN: 9780130878274

A Primer for Effective web site development

Dalgleish nails down the methodology and identifies the most relevant issues for developing EFFECTIVE web sites in a clear and concise manner. It wouldn't surprise me if this book saves millions and significnatly cuts development cycles.

DOT COM CIOs should have purchased this book before hiring anyone!!!

Important for e-commerce managers

I get the feeling that this book may immediately appear as most suited to Web designers. Actually, this book is about A LOT MORE than Web design. In fact, Dalgleish covers the full gamut of the process for both businesses and their suppliers (including Web designers). The reader is lead through the process from beginning to end - and e-commerce managers who are on the line for the delivery of results, need to know everything about what is coming, and the pitfalls to avoid. And what's unique about the book is that the end-to-end process is customer-driven, from the very questions businesses need to ask themselves when writing their strategy right through to the Way a Web designer translates the business' service offering into tangible navigation design, for example. Dalgleish makes it clear that the book was written for the whole community seeking to create Web experiences for customers; a community that needs to integrate its efforts to really deliver to the customer for competitive advantage to business and better lives for people - and that includes e-commerce managers like me. A must read.

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