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Скачать The Sky Readers (Book & Audio) бесплатно

The Sky Readers (Book & Audio)

Aдаптированная аудиокнига, уровень А2 (1200 слов). Цветные иллюстрации, упражнения с ответами к ним.

Fantasy. The story from the Avondel Chronicles.

Lewin leaves home to learn the ways of old magic from his grandfather Laylan. When they start to see dark, troubling visions, the two sky readers realise they must make a journey to the city of Liana to help save their land from evil.

□ An exciting series of original fiction for learners of English from grade 5 onwards.
□ Accessible and engaging, with carefully graded language to suit different age groups and levels of competence in line with the curricula
□ Structured comprehension, vocabulary and listening activities.
□ More difficult or uncommon words appear in an English-German
□ A stimulating variety of settings and storylines.
□ Audio CD with the complete text as well as specially chosen extracts for comprehension exercises.

Автор: Sue Murray
Название: The Sky Readers (Book & Audio)
Серия: Hueber Lektьren: Level А2 (1200 headwords)
Издательство: Hueber
Год выпуска: 2005
Формат: pdf, mp3
Страниц: 66
Bitrate audio: 128 kbps
Размер: 95,21 MB
Язык: English

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