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Скачать The Internet Encyclopedia, 3 Volume Set бесплатно

The Internet Encyclopedia, 3 Volume Set
Wiley | 2003 | ISBN: 0471222011 | 2688 pages | PDF | 34.96 Mb

The definitive, three-volume Internet Encyclopedia covers every aspect of the Internet for professionals. This up-to-date compendium offers a broad perspective on the Internet as a business tool, an IT platform, and a medium for communications and commerce. It presents leading-edge theory and recent developments as described by global experts from such prestigious institutions as Stanford University and Harvard University, and such leading corporations as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Available in print or in subscription-based online format, it’s the only resource that offers complete, up-to-the-moment coverage of fast-moving Internet technology.

Key features include:
Detailed cross-referencing and extensive references to additional reading
More than 200 articles vigorously peer-reviewed by more than 800 academics and practitioners from around the world
More than 1,000 illustrations and tables for in-depth understanding of complex subjects
Eleven major subject categories that address key issues in design, utilization, and management of Internet-based systems

Amazon Price: $1,140.00



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