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Скачать Longman Photo Dictionary of American English (Book and audio) бесплатно


Longman Photo Dictionary of American English (Book and audio)
Publisher: Pearson Longman ESL | ISBN: 1405827963 | Publish Date: January 15, 2006 | PDF | Pages: 144 pages | audio | ogg 64kbps | 150.19 MB

Designed for adult learners of English, the new Longman Photo Dictionary of American English uses clear, contemporary color photos to make learning new vocabulary fun, and new words easy to remember! Suitable for both classroom use and home reference, this dictionary teaches real language in real contexts to help beginners master over 3,000 key words.

* Over 3,000 essential words grouped contextually or thematically include 94 different topics from everyday lifeThe Kitchen, The Supermarket, Public Transportationto specific interests such as Technology, Sports, Hobbies, and more.
* Over 1,000 full-color photos give students the visual context essential for understanding the accurate meaning and uses of each word.
* Classroom conversation activities cover basic grammar points and stimulate conversation by helping students practice the new vocabulary by describing people, objects, and situations.
* Extra writing practice with controlled exercises at the back of the book recycles all the words through word searches, crossword puzzles, matching activities, and so on.
* An alphabetically organized Wordlist offers useful phonetic pronunciations and quickly guides students to photos of words they don't know.
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