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Скачать World History : Patterns of Interaction: Atlas By Rand Mcnally бесплатно

Linda Black, Larry S. Krieger, Roger B. Beck
World History : Patterns of Interaction: Atlas By Rand Mcnally

McDougal Littel | 2009 | ISBN: 054703475X | 1312 pages | PDF | 149,56 Mb

World History: Patterns of Interaction combines a highly visual approach with primary sources to help all students understand world history and make global connections.
Support for All Learners
High-interest, engaging visuals, interactive technology, differentiated instruction, and customized test preparation help make history accessible to all students. Many resources help all students and every learning style:
Inner-column notes and questions
Graphics combining visual and verbal information
Assessment questions based on critical thinking strategies
Visual summaries

A Focus on Critical Thinking
Primary sources are integrated into the narrative and are supported by document-based questions to help students develop and improve their critical thinking skills. The Primary Source Handbook provides additional resources to explore important documents in world history. Section and chapter assessment are designed to build and assess the development of students’ critical thinking skills.

An Emphasis on the Big Picture
Students connect to the events and ideas of the past by understanding key concepts, themes, and patterns of interaction found throughout history. In addition to other features found throughout the text every unit culminates in a special section that compares and contrasts patterns of development in different civilization.

Unit 1: Beginnings of Civilization
Unit 2: New Directions in Government and Society
Unit 3: An Age of Exchange and Encounter
Unit 4: Connecting Hemispheres
Unit 5: Absolutism to Revolution
Unit 6: Industrialism and the Race for Empire
Unit 7: The World at War
Unit 8: Perspectives on the Present

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