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Скачать India, 2009 a reference annual бесплатно

India, 2009 a reference annual
PUBLICATIONS DIVISION | 2009 | ISBN: 8123015576 | PDF | 1263 pages | 10.1 MB

India 2009 : A Reference Annual. New Delhi, Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 2009, vi,1286 p., tables, (pbk). ISBN 81-230-1557-6.

Contents: 1. Land and the people. 2. National symbols. 3. The polity. 4. Agriculture. 5. Art and culture. 6. Basic economic data. 7. Commerce. 8. Communications. 9. Defence. 10. Education. 11. Energy. 12. Environment. 13. Finance. 14. Food and civil supplies. 15. Health and family welfare. 16. Housing. 17. India and the world. 18. Industry. 19. Justice and law. 20. Labour. 21. Mass communication. 22. Planning. 23. Rural development. 24. Scientific and technological developments. 25. Transport. 26. Water resources. 27. Welfare. 28. Youth affairs and sport. 29. States and union territories. 30. Diary of national events. 31. General information.

"India 2009 is an updated and comprehensive edition of the Reference Annual containing information on varied subjects related to our country like economy, rural and urban development, industry and infrastructure, art and culture, health, defence, mass communication etc. It incorporates sections on Science and Technology, Education, Information Technology, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Sports, Events of the past year and latest ones too.

A rich source of authoritative and definitive data on all these subjects makes it a compulsory read for students as well as for researchers and academics."

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