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Скачать Cafes and Coffee Shops, No. 2 бесплатно

Martin M Pegler, "Cafes and Coffee Shops, No. 2"
Visual Reference Publications | ISBN: 1584710586 | December 2001 | PDF | 176 pages | 120 Mb

Product Description
Award-Winning Java Joints! Over 350 full color photos showcase 100 top coffee shop designs from around the world, illustrating just how hot this area of food retailing remains. Cafes and Coffee Shops, by Mike Pegler, reveals the work of renowned and up-and-coming architects-details the atmosphere that gave each establishment award-winning appeal-and coveRs every coffee-shop theme from cafes, and cafeterias and coffee houses to food courts, fast-food outlets and specialty stores. What's more, for each design you'll find: complete presentations of store interiors, lighting schemes and floor plans; full data on the client, project team leaders and construction program; cogent analyses of the design strategy and special challenges each project presented; plus much more.

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