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Скачать Alan M. Schlein, "Find It Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research (4th Edition)" бесплатно

Alan M. Schlein, Find It Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research (4th Edition)

Alan M. Schlein, "Find It Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research (4th Edition)"
Facts on Demand Press | 4th Edition | 2004 | ISBN: 1889150452 | 574 pages | siPDF | 13.2 MB

Sharpen Your Online Research Skills!

Find it Online 4th ed. is your field guide that helps you zoom past "meaningless hits" to find what you’re looking for... quickly and easily. This comprehensive reference details more than 2,000 reliable Web resources, and also provides the strategies and mechanics to move you up to the next level in your online research capabilities.

With Find it Online as your desktop companion you’ll be able to:
  • Utilize a myriad of government sites, public record sites, news sources and business intelligence sites.
  • Effectively frame your search strategies.
  • Discover new tools to tap into the "invisible web".
  • Examine effective managing and filtering techniques.
  • Verify the information you find.
  • Discover search tips from over 20 industry experts.
Find it Online answers these questions and more:
  • How can you discover who is linked to your Web site... or your competition?
  • How can you investigate the origin of an offensive email?
  • How can you eliminate annoying pop up ads?
  • What are the top 10 tips for combating spam?
  • Where can you search 16 phone directories... all at one time?
  • Where can you access white pages, government/business listings and phone books for more than 150 countries?
  • Where can you find a Web site that offers translation capabilities in up to 25 different languages?
  • Who are the best private online sources for public records?
  • How can you background a company online?
  • What are the best tools for managing and filtering online information?
From Library Journal
Since its first publication in 1994, this guide has been an essential tool for journalists, researchers, lawyers, professors, librarians, business executives, and students. The new edition has been updated by award-winning journalist Schlein to include tips and search strategies from 20 information industry experts.

In the introduction, Schlein states that he aimed to make the work "considerably more global in focus," and in fact the title does not do it justice. This is more than an annotated list of thousands of web sites—it is a coaching tool that shows readers how to do comprehensive and reliable research in hundreds of disciplines, regardless of information container. Schlein explains when a particular set of data is best found on a free or fee-based web site. When no digital source exists, he refers readers to the "best" container, whether it is a print resource or a person.

Unfortunately, this book does not explain where to find information about P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing systems such as KaZaA, so information about music research is scarce. Online music resources are better discussed in Chris Sherman and Gary Price's The Invisible Web.

Another weakness is the lack of an accurate well-crafted index. Instead, the index functions as a keyword list and not a topic guide (e.g., "separated by adoption" and "minor traffic violations" are main entries and are not cross-referenced under their respective subjects). These faults aside, this work is still well recommended for all libraries because of its comprehensiveness; other similar works, like Reva Basch's now dated Researching Online for Dummies, are targeted to newbies and specific audiences.


Creative Uses of the Internet
The Basics – Internet Terminology and Concepts
Framing Your Search Strategy
General Search Tools – Search Engines and More
Specialized Tools
Government Resources – U.S. and International
Public Records – The Information Trail
News Resources Online
Business Tools – Business Resources
International Research
Managing and Filtering Information
Evaluating Accuracy, Credibility, and Authority
Search Strategies and Sample Searches
Privacy & Protection Online
Indices – Online Vendors
Glossary – Terms and Definitions

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