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Скачать "Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics" by D.E. James (Editor) бесплатно

"Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics" by D.E. James (Editor)
Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series
Van Nostrand Reinhold | 1989 | ISBN: 0442243669 | 1328 pages | PDF | 35 Mb

One aim of The Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics is to make the interconnections in geophysics and between geophysics and geology more apparent and understandable by drawing together articles that embrace a wide spectrum of solid earth geophysics. Consisting of more than 150 articles written by leading experts, this authoritative reference encompasses the entire field of solid-earth geophysics.

Overall objectives in publishing this work are to summarize the diverse and far-reaching results of the past decades of research in solid earth geophysics, to integrate those results with classical geophysics, and to organize the whole into a comprehensive and authoritative modern encyclopedia of geophysics.

Describes in detail the state of current knowledge, including advanced instrumentation and techniques, and focuses on important areas of exploration geophysics. It also offers clear and complete coverage of seismology, geodesy, gravimetry, magnetotellurics and related areas in the adjacent disciplines of physics, geology, oceanography and space science.

The Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics is intended to serve as an authoritative reference work for scientists, both specialists and nonspecialists, as well as for students and knowledgeable laymen.

The entries are organized alphabetically by subject. A comprehensive index and various cross-references are included to aid the reader in finding a particular subject. In addition, each article contains a list of references that provide a point of entry to the scientific literature on the subject.

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