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Скачать Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece бесплатно

Don Nardo "Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece"
Greenhaven Press | English | 2006-12-08 | ISBN: 0737733888 | 381 pages | PDF | 5,8 MB

Greece was never a unified country in ancient times, which is why there was frequent fighting among Greek cities. Learn all about the evolution of Greek warfare in this immensely informative and entertaining book. Chapter titles include Bronze Swords and Charging Chariots, Epaminondas to Alexander: A Revolution in Military Tactics and Greek Warships and their Crews. The chapters also contain fact boxes that address specific topics in greater detail such as Traditional Hoplite Rituals, Hellenistic Fortifications and The Slaughter at Salamis. Maps and intricate battle plans show beautifully in black-and-white presentation while photographs of ancient artifacts appear rather dull. An excellent glossary, bibliography and suggestions for further research are contained at the end. This volume would be marvelous for the reluctant history student or simply the child with an interest in arms and armor. The author, who is a historian, has written many books about the ancient Greek world, including literary companions to the works of Homer and Sophocles. Part of the "History of Weapons and Warfare" series that examines the nature of warfare and how different human societies have been influenced by it.

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