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Скачать The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (Encyclopedia of Science (6 Vol.)) бесплатно

The Gale Encyclopedia of Science (Encyclopedia of Science (6 Vol.))
By K. Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth Lerner | Publisher: Gale Cengage | Number Of Pages: 5000 | Publication Date: 2007-11-28 | ISBN-10: 1414428774 | PDF | 150 Mb

Now there is a reference that fills the gap for science materials written at a level between the highly technical and introductory sources currently available. This 6-vol. set covers all major areas of science, engineering, technology, as well as mathematics and the medical and health sciences, while providing a comprehensive overview of current scientific knowledge and technology. Consisting of alphabetically-arranged entries, it provides a user-friendly format that makes the broad scope of information easy to access and decipher. Entries typically describe scientific concepts, provide overviews of scientific areas and, in some cases, define terms. Longer entries conclude with a bibliography.

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