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Скачать Sonia G. Benson , "Elizabethan World Reference Library" (4-Vol. Set) бесплатно

Sonia G. Benson , "Elizabethan World Reference Library" (4-Vol. Set)
Publisher: Gale U.X.L | PDF | 719 pages | 33 MB | English | ISBN: 1414401892

When Elizabeth I (1533–1603) was crowned queen in 1558, England was, compared to other European nations, a poor and backward country.
At this time England was deeply divided by religious strife. It was too weak to protect itself from its enemies, lacking a strong military. Furthermore, England had been too beleaguered by its conflicts to participate in the Renaissance, the great artistic and intellectual movement that had swept Europe beginning in the fourteenth century. The people of England must have wondered what the inexperienced twenty-five-year-old queen could possibly do to strengthen her nation.

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