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Скачать Sylvia Ellis - Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations бесплатно

Sylvia Ellis - Historical Dictionary of Anglo-American Relations
The Scarecrow Press | 2009 | ISBN: 081085564X | Pages: 344 | PDF | 2.38 MB

The bilateral relationship between Great Britain and the United States
has always been important but complex. When Britain established its
first permanent settlement in America at Jamestown in April 1607, it began
176 years of direct rule over the American colonies, during which
time it exported its people, language, legal traditions, and a sense of
shared history, thus ensuring a continuing rapport and affiliation with
the American people that still endures into the 21st century. After American
rebels rejected British rule and established the United States of
America in the late 18th century, Anglo–American relations began to
play a significant role in international history as the former mother
country and the offspring nation became trading competitors, rival
hegemonic powers, and, in the 20th century, military and political partners.

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